Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Insight into the Challenges Facing the U.S. Bombing Coalitition of Iraq and Syria

U.S. temporary memorial of Americans lost in Iraq (Photo source: radioislam.org.za)
This open, anonymous letter was submitted to the Foundation for Democratic Advancement. The letter raises a main point about hypocrisy of expressed values, and armed conflict and its encouragement.

"If someone invades my country, I will join resistance, and I will fight back until I make the invader leave. Also, I will encourage my people to provoke a popular revolution against it to defeat the oppression and the aggression. Not only that, I will accept and welcome any help from abroad whether military or financial. I believe that people were born to live freely and to practice their rights in a democratic way without interference from any side and to enjoy their lives peacefully. In fact, many countries in this world especially the ones who consider themselves democratic are totally a far cry from this expression because they are supporting terrorist groups and encourage fights, deaths, and devastation. Actually, the UN Security Council should get involved and take decisive actions to stop the disputes, disagreements, and wars that are occurring in this world."  


Is the Security Council the answer to preventing further conflict? What about the permanent members veto?

How can countries be made accountable for their hypocrisy and inconsistency between their expressed values and actions? What is causing this lack of accountability?

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