Sunday, October 12, 2014

Open Letters on ISIS and Canada's Military Involvement

Below are excerpts from open, anonymous letters to the Foundation for Democratic Advancement on the current Canadian federal government's decision to partake in a bombing campaign against ISIS:

"The coalition military campaign is in the interest of the Syrian regime and against the Syrian people. Even the bombing strikes that they are going to do are unproductive because they will hit empty buildings or kill civilians. Also, the main reason that pushed the current Canadian federal government (Conservative Party of Canada led by Harper) to get involved in this conflict is that ISIS now has control over a vast territory and its oil resources, from which it intends to launch a terrorist jihad, not only against targets in the region, but on a global basis. Actually, ISIS has specifically targeted Canada and Canadians. What I mean is by controlling oil resources, ISIS will compete with oil producing countries such as Canada through selling oil in the black market, and this situation is unsuitable for the current federal government and its special interest partners."

"The coalition airstrikes won’t work to stop ISIS. More and more people around the globe are joining ISIS everyday for the reasons mentioned in this article. Even non-Muslims are converting to Islam to join ISIS to get the incentives (salary, house etc.). Instead of wasting billions of dollars on these airstrikes, the US and its allies ought to give aid to impoverished people in the region in order to help them have a better future. Poor people think it’s better to join ISIS instead of living a helpless and painful life. Also, western governments need to have programs that will help improve the integration of Muslim immigrants. The western media and some politicians play a role in fueling hatred against Muslims and consider Muslims terrorists."


What are the democratic implications of the current Canadian federal government participating in a bombing campaign that will kill civilians and likely increase new recruits into ISIS?

Should the current Canadian federal government be accountable for any resulting domestic terrorism linked to ISIS?

Should oil interests come before the well-being and safety of Canadians?

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